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Liver detox salad

Have you heard someone talking about or doing a liver cleanse?

You might also have heard about the famous liver or gallbladder flush that involves lots of olive oil and lemon juice.
Have you tried it?
I did, but I try all kinds of weird stuff! I felt good comparing with other people who complained about pain and nausea. My conclusion was that everyone should have an easier choice when it comes to detoxing your liver and that’s how this salad came to life.

One day, l was looking in my fridge, trying to decide on a salad to make. I don’t usually plan the salads. Most of the times, I use whatever I have at hand. It can be a very simple salad with just cucumbers, tomatoes and some greens, or it can be the most elaborate and interesting combination. Combinations depend on my free time, the products available and, of course, my mood!

Let’s say that day I was in a particular good mood because the result was not only a very good salad but a very healthy salad!


1 bunch parsley

1 small bag with red radishes

1 jicama (the freshest the better because it won’t be dry)

½ red onion (optional)

1 small black radish (use even less if it’s your first time trying it! it’s very strong, spicy and pungent!)

1 grapefruit

½ avocado

2 tps dried cranberries (sugar free and optional)

Juice from 1 lemon

1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil infused with nigella seeds (black seeds)

pinch of Hawaiian black sea salt

You clean, cut and toss everything together, but before doing so I’d like to tell you the reason this salad will be so good for your liver.

Black radish is one of the best things you can use to detox your liver. It activates and regenerates liver cells, stimulates bile production, helps detoxify the liver and promotes the elimination of gallbladder stones and gravel. One thing you should keep in mind is that it has a very strong smell and taste. Use it in moderation not only because of the smell but also because of its potency.
If you’re interested in doing even more for your liver, you can always ask your health practitioner for a black radish extract.

As for the other items used in the salad, parsley’s good for your kidneys, red radishes for your thyroid, grapefruit for your liver and gallbladder, nigella seeds have lots of properties but I will talk about them some other time.

Let me know if you try the salad and hope all your liver cells will happy dance like never before!

If you’re interested in other recipes to support your body, shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to create something tasty just for you!